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obama und die neo-cons

…oder die these, dass obama der erste neo-conservative präsident der vereinigten staaten von amerika ist… am beispiel der politischen position des neuen us-amerikanischen präsidenten eine ebenso kurze wie klare erörterung darüber, warum wir in deutschland die demokraten in den staaten eher mögen als die republikaner (respektive die konservativen) und warum wir das immer durcheinander werfen.

diese perspektivenverschiebung leistet alan posener Read the rest of this entry »


emmerichs’ black out on obama – yes, we cem

well, this goes to the issue of “freedom of speech” and painfully sore conversations. who missed klaus emmerich‘s black out during the US-election – david f. girad di carlo, US-embassador in austria first and foremost misses any official conviction of the ORF journalist. he has just posted an open letter Read the rest of this entry »

judith butler on obama

One day after the us-election Judith Butler commented on obama as elected president and some of the messianic expectations involved with his person and finds the matter somewhere inbetween exuberance and disavowal.

[…] Obama is, after all, hardly a leftist, regardless of the attributions of “socialism” proffered by his conservative opponents. In what ways will his actions be constrained by party politics, economic interests, and state power; in what ways have they been compromised already? Read the rest of this entry »