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paris goes paparazzo

have we heard about the concept of reverse anthropology lately? or that of reverse media anthropology? seems twitter gives us a change to investigate this a little closer. however, paris hilton enjoys it. hopefully she will keep the distance and not do the britney thing! (could this be considered ‘going native’ then?) xoxo

Paparazzi stalking us @ Hotel Du Cap on Twitpic


media practice/s & cultural producers workshop, barcelona

media practice/s, arenas of cultural production and the phenomenon of the cultural producer stood at the centre of the recent media anthropology’s workshop in barcelona. centring on so called new media, a broad range from communication scholars to sociologists and anthropologists inquired theoretical as well as methodological perspectives for doing anthropological research on digital and online media / practice.

aside of a good dozen of highly interesting papers that introduced on-going ethnographic fieldwork, the workshop was framed by four keynotes that were as distinctive Read the rest of this entry »

the narrative construction of reality

linking to an interview stuart hall gave the australian broadcasting corporation, abc, in 1983, which i found republished in context, archived by dalkley archive press, university of illinois.
the amazing thing about this very short and concise interview might be its classical nature. stuart hall is actually talking about the falkland war and its journalistic coverage, however what he has to say on narratives, the relationship of form and content, as well as embedded ideology…

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