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mediators & personhood

just heard a very interesting talk klaus peter koepping gave at the interart meeting “Spielformen des Selbst. Subjektivität und Spiel zwischen Ethik und Ästhetik” at the berlin institute for cultural inquiry ICI.

questioning the western notion of an autonomous individual subjectivity, he came up with marcel mauss and some provocative thoughts on the ludic and its bodily impacts. (this follows those recently posted contributions vs. the cartesian dualism, shifting from the subject/object schism to the separation of individual/social.) Read the rest of this entry »


media practice/s & cultural producers workshop, barcelona

media practice/s, arenas of cultural production and the phenomenon of the cultural producer stood at the centre of the recent media anthropology’s workshop in barcelona. centring on so called new media, a broad range from communication scholars to sociologists and anthropologists inquired theoretical as well as methodological perspectives for doing anthropological research on digital and online media / practice.

aside of a good dozen of highly interesting papers that introduced on-going ethnographic fieldwork, the workshop was framed by four keynotes that were as distinctive Read the rest of this entry »