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dancing in the streets

not with david bowie (though i would not mind dancing with him…) but rather with an amazing, absolutely rad crowd of students & lecturers that have been attending our masterclass in novosibirsk/russia and got heavily involved with ethnographic explorations into the city and conceptualizations of urban spaces.

the workshop has just been followed by an exhibition at the academy of architecture and arts, see the blog for photographs; the gallery as such can be found here.
the whole project will be completed by a workshop lead by choreographer richard siegal and, eventually, the final performance going out dancing in the streets of novosibirsk. perhaps re-enacting the everyday, staging sth., whatever, we will have to wait for richards ideas what to do with the notations and concepts we found during the workshop!

i will soon post a little bit more about the concept and the intentions behind the project. for those multilingual ones try stadt & tanz nowosibirsk to find out more.
the course as well as the whole programm we planned around it, is initiated by the local goethe institute in cooperation with the academy of architecture and arts as well as novosibirsk state university.

thanks to anna and all of you keeping the blog up!



weathertalk_march… or the end of the digital age. and the return to collaboration and the – listen up – »real world«.

Yesterday at »less rain« /talk about the weather British designer Loki English presented his ideas on future directions in interaction design. He announced the a post-digital age. Why is that?

Following Loki – we get bored too easily floating around in the virtual world, attention spans are too short to really get involved with things – or even honour the designers’ hard work. Enough of that – Get involved instead! Participate in the real world! Charmingly he recommends Read the rest of this entry »

george marcus on collaboration and more

after george e. marcus repeatedly put forward his approach to concentrate on the issue of collaboration (see cultural anthropology vol 23, no. 1, 2008: 1-15) reports a brief conversation with marcus in recently in oslo and probably more interesting, a good choice of links to marcus’ work and articles. see george marcus at

my favourite on this issue, however, is Read the rest of this entry »