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weathertalk_march… or the end of the digital age. and the return to collaboration and the – listen up – »real world«.

Yesterday at »less rain« /talk about the weather British designer Loki English presented his ideas on future directions in interaction design. He announced the a post-digital age. Why is that?

Following Loki – we get bored too easily floating around in the virtual world, attention spans are too short to really get involved with things – or even honour the designers’ hard work. Enough of that – Get involved instead! Participate in the real world! Charmingly he recommends Read the rest of this entry »


News Manual’s guide to journalism basic

Media Helping Media – a free, global resource for media development’ offers free journalism training resources. The modules can be found on their page or by simply clicking the various links below. There you will find the introduction and the first seven chapters of The News Manual’s guide to journalism basics

Journalism – Basic techniques
Chapter 1: What is news?
Chapter 2: What is a journalist?
Chapter 3: The shape of the news story
Chapter 4: Writing the intro in simple steps
Chapter 5: Writing the intro, the golden rules
• etc…

Media Helping Media (MHM) is a network involved in the worldwide development of journalism and a free press

top 100 internet sources on anthropology has compiled a list of various anthropology related blogs and websites. you can find this list of useful links on their website

for a critique on the anglo-centric bias and further links see open anthropology.

parliament of things

palast der republik

former parliament of the GDR in ruins, october 2008. meanwhile the area is rebuild and Read the rest of this entry »

media presidents and bush-funk

“Centro de Competencia en Comunicación para América Latina” in Columbia has just published a book on media use in politics. in short chapters (6-10 pages) media experts analyze performances and communication strategies various latin american presidents Read the rest of this entry »

derrida on actuality / artifactuality

a long time ago, in 1994, radical philosophy published a brief interview with jaques derrida on actuality. a remnant only, however it touches the issue of media anthropology as well as it touches thoughts of artifacts and intervention … read the full interview at radical

yes man, we can…

war in iraq is over. says the upcoming issue of the new york times dating from 4th of july 2009. a small note on the recent euphoria of change and in contrast to what judith butler just recently wrote, this time the comment made by the ever-vigilant and ironic yes men. Read the rest of this entry »