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weathertalk_march… or the end of the digital age. and the return to collaboration and the – listen up – »real world«.

Yesterday at »less rain« /talk about the weather British designer Loki English presented his ideas on future directions in interaction design. He announced the a post-digital age. Why is that?

Following Loki – we get bored too easily floating around in the virtual world, attention spans are too short to really get involved with things – or even honour the designers’ hard work. Enough of that – Get involved instead! Participate in the real world! Charmingly he recommends a shift in perspective. Instead of comprehending technology as mediating interaction he provides an understanding of technology as a tool facilitating social interaction:

What he focuses on here is a notion of emplacement or collaboration – melting the sensation of being there, using technology and getting involved with other people. Away from the virtual to the essentials of the real, back to a practice that refers to the human being. This sounds pretty close to Heidegger’s notion of »Gestell«, i.e. technology as an aid or tool for humanity. It comes with no surprise he is a Goldsmiths graduate, trained at a certain critical but affirmative approach towards the social.

Drawing parallels between contemporary democracy and design he declares the beginning of the post-digital age. Pretty innovative he would compare different techniques of marketing / design presentations, i.e. representations, with modes of democracy and participation. Why the Ford stall at Geneva Exhibition resembles British Democracy, an entertaining and innocent interactive game that of Singapore – see for yourself at

His way of thinking as well as his practice approach however reminded me very much of the production of desires at the 199o’s park fiction project in Hamburg, a re-invention of (grassroots) democracy through participation facilitated by technology. This aiming at the subaltern as well as at those that are part of the establishment (see as well Christoph Schäfer’s saloon la realidad).

Unluckily the Lokido homepage does not offer too much of these general ideas on post-digitalism. You will also miss Loki’s eloquent and breathtaking way to talk about his work and ideas. So you will miss a verbal blitzkrieg on issues such as the world economic crisis, the crisis of creative industries etc. his homepage instead offers a variety of his commercial work. However, there is a short video presentation on the project done with the council of Stepney Green at the Auburn Youth Centre. Go to and click Beat House, for the Singapore Experience see Free Up. And don’t miss exploring the rest!


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