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palast der republik

former parliament of the GDR in ruins, october 2008. meanwhile the area is rebuild and hosts a temporary art venue. soon to be hosting a properly rebuild chateau, a reminiscence to the royal palace, residence of the Prussian Kings and the German Emperor (see wikipedia on that).

as i grew up in the western part of this country, i actually enjoyed just one night in the ruins of the former parliament, when blixa bargeld and his band einstürzende neubauten played at palast the republik.
( bargeld gives some information on the palast in a short clip published on youtube. the concert itself at full length can be found here).

funny enough as i just googled the issue, it seems as soon as the decision had been made to rebuild the Prussian landmark, it became quite easy to find a lot of pro on the internet, while you can hardly find any opponents’ voices anymore. i.e. the concert einstürzende neubauten gave was part of a huge cultural project, entiteled “zwischennutzung“, temporary use, and was pretty much coined by an installation the norwegian artist lars ramberg placed on top of the buildung. it
spelled the word doubt, “zweifel”, in huge, capital letters (see palast des zweifels ). obviously when getting rid of things, the parliament changes its identity as well.


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