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war in iraq is over. says the upcoming issue of the new york times dating from 4th of july 2009. a small note on the recent euphoria of change and in contrast to what judith butler just recently wrote, this time the comment made by the ever-vigilant and ironic yes men.

this time the yes men didnt trick the BBC claiming Union Carbide was to finally pay off numerous of their victims in Bhopal (which lead to some devastating stock market loss for UC) or in the name of World Trade Organisation announced that slavery could be of an enormous use for the world trade as such… their latest hilarious albeit tame intervention into world politics can be found at New York Times-SE: they withdrew the troops from and stopped the war in Iraq.

printing their own newspaper they presented a world according to the slogans of “change” and “yes we can”.

aside of the withdrawal and some confessions concerning the iraq war and guantanamo. e.g. that torture, rendition haven’t been “such good ideas after all”, the issue comes up with some further heart-warmingly satiric news e.g. the news that Wal-Mart, Costco, etc. are challenging the Economic Independence Act “which requires “big box” stores to phase out outlets in or near low-income neighbourhoods”, an Exxon Valdez advertisement applauding a “lucrative peace” and much more.

since we learned that journalistic products, especially mainstream mass media products shape our socio-political identity (see e.g. benedict anderson 1985, stuart hall et al 1980), ( stuart hall interview ), this artistic intervention can be seen a reflection on any basic power structures of this: the entanglement of public, politics and participation. or as, it can be found on wikipedia “The Yes Men are a group of culture jamming activists who practice what they call ‘identity correction’.”

to download the yes men edition of the NYT-SE see nytimes-se (.pdf, 8.415 KB).


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