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linking to an interview stuart hall gave the australian broadcasting corporation, abc, in 1983, which i found republished in context, archived by dalkley archive press, university of illinois.
the amazing thing about this very short and concise interview might be its classical nature. stuart hall is actually talking about the falkland war and its journalistic coverage, however what he has to say on narratives, the relationship of form and content, as well as embedded ideology…

is applicable still today. especially when it comes to form as a matter of content and news reporting worldwide.

here the link to the stuart hall interview. for those that prefer watching over reading, the following youtube clip goes one step further ahead and shows
stuart hall on the issue issue of media representation

since hall is involved with text, myth and embedded ideology one or two references to books that followed this thread:

Bird, Elizabeth and R.W. Dardenne. 1997 [1988]. ‘Myth, chronicle and story: Exploring the narrative qualities of news’, in D. Berkowitz (ed.), Social Meanings of News: A Text Reader, 333-350. Sage Publications.

Peterson, Mark Allen. 2003. Anthropology and mass communication. Media and myth in the new millennium. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Rothenbuhler, Eric. and M. Coman (eds). 2005. Media Anthropology. London: Sage.

for more books on anthropology and media see Media Anthropology Network – Bibliographies


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